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The only Bariatric Multivitamin with Probiotics built in!  
  • 60 count bottle.1 month supply. 
  • Take 2 capsules together or 1 twice a day. 
Includes 5 Probiotic strains plus our complete multivitamin. See supplemental facts (image) for complete ingredients.    Why should I add a Probiotic to my vitamin regime? 
  • Stanford study shows the presence of a probiotic may increase weight loss in bariatric surgery patients.[1]
  • 6 Billion CFU/gm of shelf stable Probiotic Blend
  • Study also shows higher B12 levels in control group were present when taking Probiotics.[1]
  • Probiotics increase good bacteria to aid in digestion and reduce gastrointestinal issues.[1]



Most vitamins require 3 or 4 tablets per day. Procare's multi with probiotic gives you all of the ASMBS recommended daily nutrients in only 2 capsules per day.  


Procare vitamins meet the ASMBS recommended daily nutrients and they are affordable! Save over 45% compared to other bariatric specific vitamins! 

Take 2 capsules together or 1 twice a day. 

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