$26.99 USD

High potency chewable vitamins that taste great. The Chewable 'Easy Peasy' pack has everything you need after surgery and it doesn't get much easier than one product.  

This isn't truly a pack since it's only one vitamin but it has everything you need all-in-one chewable pill. 

You'll take the Bariatric Fusion Complete Multivitamin 4 times per day (2 in the morning and 2 at night). The vitamin contains all the vitamins, minerals, b12, calcium, and iron that you'll need.

  • The most affordable all-in-one option for gastric bypass patients. 
  • 120 chewable tablets per bottle (30 day supply).
  • Not gritty and no strange aftertaste. 

Note: Calcium can inhibit the absorption of iron when taken together. It's always best to discuss your iron needs with your bariatric surgeon or dietitian. 

Chew 2 tablets in the morning with breakfast and 2 at night with dinner.

Vitamins and Supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Baritastic Store does not guarantee the effectiveness of any nutritional supplement, vitamin, or mineral. This includes vitamin patches and other supplements sold on this site. 

As with any supplement, use at your own risk. Regular blood work is the only way to ensure you are maintaining adequate vitamin and mineral levels. Follow the advice of your medical provider when choosing a supplement.