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Get everything you need after gastric sleeve surgery, bypass or Lap Band surgery with these two great tasting products. 

Why choose Barimelts? 

  • Natural Flavors
    Taste is important when it comes to daily compliance of a vitamin regimen. We only use natural flavors sourced from delicious fruits like cherry, orange, apple, and strawberry.

  • Natural Sweeteners

    Monk fruit is the natural sweetener of choice for our BariMelts. Unlike those other brands, you won't find any artificial sweeteners like sucralose in our products.

  • Non-GMO

    BariMelts are tested by an independent 3rd party laboratory to ensure all of our products contain zero genetically modified ingredients.
  • Gluten-Free
    Optimal absorption of vitamins and minerals is paramount after weight loss surgery, which is why we make sure our products are free of potential irritants like gluten.

Mutlivitamin Details

BariMelts fully dissolve in your mouth before you swallow so there's no extra work needed from your stomach to break them down and make the nutrients available. 

  • Complete blend of essential vitamins & minerals
  • Specially designed for Bariatric patients
  • Free of artificial sweeteners and flavors
  • 60 Fast-Melting Tablets with Smooth Fruit Flavor
  • 30 Day Supply!
  • Smooth Fruit Flavor

Calcium Details

  • Formulated with Calcium Citrate for the needs of Bariatric patients
  • Optimal ratio of D3 & Magnesium to maximize Calcium benefits
  • Free of artificial sweeteners and flavors
  • 120 Fast-Melting Tablets with Smooth Berry Flavor
  • 2 tablets twice per day. 
  • 30 day supply

Use as a dietary supplement. Take 2 tablets twice per day (for both caclium and the multivitamin) or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Allow tablet to dissolve in your mouth. No water necessary. 

Store at room temperature. 

Vitamins and Supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Baritastic Store does not guarantee the effectiveness of any nutritional supplement, vitamin, or mineral. This includes vitamin patches and other supplements sold on this site. 

As with any supplement, use at your own risk. Regular blood work is the only way to ensure you are maintaining adequate vitamin and mineral levels. Follow the advice of your medical provider when choosing a supplement.