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Tespo is the 'Keurig of Vitamins.' 

After bariatric surgery, a proper vitamin and mineral regimen is extremely important to ward off devastating diseases that result from vitamin deficiencies; osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, Wernicke’s encephalopathy, and more.

With a new smaller stomach (pouch) and possibly bypassed intestines, finding a vitamin that is easily and quickly absorbed is paramount.

Tespo's liquid vitamins are immediately available for your body to absorb and made from the highest quality ingredients without fillers. Their unique delivery system makes a delicious vitamin shot that provides your daily essentials.


Stay on track and eliminate the need and time for your stomach to break down capsules. 


After getting your dispenser, you'll want to purchase bariatric vitamin pods. These are inexpensive and you can set-up monthly deliveries.

You can view their bariatric vitamin pods here.


Vitamins and Supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Baritastic Store does not guarantee the effectiveness of any nutritional supplement, vitamin, or mineral. This includes vitamin patches and other supplements sold on this site. 

As with any supplement, use at your own risk. Regular blood work is the only way to ensure you are maintaining adequate vitamin and mineral levels. Follow the advice of your medical provider when choosing a supplement.